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Hello there.

My ARK series has proved popular once again. But when I’m not recording, I continue playing. The problem is that I do way too much off camera. We are 5 episodes in, and I have 4 T-Rexes, 2 spinos, and an army of other creatures swarming my fortress of a Base. This would be fine if it was all recorded, but it wasn’t. In fact, not much of it was recorded at all!

My plan is as follows. Restart the server, and not use mods. Made it too easy! Another thing will be that the server will not be the YouTube series anymore. Instead, I’ll be using a heavily modified singleplayer world for YouTube. The server will be used for livestreams. On top of this, the current ARK series will be finishing. You can all still join me in playing via the server, but the YouTube series is Singleplayer only now.

Thanks for reading,


New directions, new problems…

Hey guys and gals!

So I’ve been battling through the low views on my channel for a while, and have finally discovered something that gives me a fair few views. Only problem is I’ve only tried one game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Now I’m only guessing here, but I’m guessing the key is big time multiplayer games. Let’s plays are good to mix it up, but I’m guessing I should focus on Multiplayer. The big question is, what games are good ones to go for? I’ve been thinking about games like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six: Siege, Uncharted 4 Multiplayer, and any popular releases that come out with a competitive multiplayer experience.

If I’m wrong on this, my channel COULD go full nose-dive. I’ve never got a large response when I do a video asking what viewers want, but  I’ll give it another go. All in due time though.

I’m wondering if I should begin a new vlogging channel. I’m not sure on that idea yet, but I guess we’ll see. If I was certain about the Vlog channel, I would do it mid next year. Because I’m not, it may not be next year at all.

I find vlogging easier than typing, if that makes sense. Video is more natural to me. I work with video nearly every day. Having to type out an article each time I want to get my thoughts out takes a lot longer than it would by recording a video. I guess we shall indeed see though

That’s all for now I guess. Bye bye


Name Change, Direction Change, New Site!

Righty o

This website was originally for all manner of things. From my YouTube work, to Gaming News. With the amount of content that the site had to put up, it got away fr5om it’s original purpose. The Mind of Sakotius WAS literally the name. Things I had on my mind, YouTube stuff, and things like that would all be posted here. Gaming news was never meant to come here. This brings me on to what I’ve done.

Gaming related shit will be popped onto my new website, which can be located here.

The name of the site has changed from Sakotius to ThatBritishGamerChap. This is my alias. I’m known mostly as ThatBritishGamerChap now> Sakotius is dead. Sakotius died with my old YouTube channel. Denial and saltiness made me hang on to the name, but finally, I’m phasing it out!

Direction of THIS site will be stuff about me personally, or even things to do with YouTube. If it’s about me in general, it goes here. Gaming content will go on Cup of Tea Gaming

This change will most likely affect the people viewing the site. I know I’ll still get views on my old posts. That shit ain’t going anywhere. New posts will be just about me or YouTube though. Bear that in mind!

Thanks for Reading guys.



So a new trend on YouTube has started popping up. But first, let me give you a bit of a backstory.

In 2013, YouTube launched the paid subscription feature which would allow people to lock their content behind a monthly subscription. They also offer a ad-free version of this that basically makes adverts on that user’s videos go away.

Now we should all know that locking your potential subscribers out of your content is a no no, but still, some channels think it’s the better choice. Now the ad-free solution, if used correctly, can be a solution if people wanting rid of those pesky adverts on your content, but don’t want to use things like ad blockers!

Pricing can determine what kind of channel you are. A fair person that wants to offer a solution. Or a greedy pig who wants to Hoover in the money. But what would class as a fair price? Well is say that no more than £1.99 is a good price. (Don’t bite my head off if this is impossible, I’ve never tried the paid subscription feature!)

Now even if your price is fair, you could still be a scoundrel though! Advertising your subscription service is a big no no! People have paid for you not to advertise. It’s not really fair if you’re preaching your services to people, and done of then already have it. It will annoy people. End of.

So in conclusion. If you feel comfortable enabling the paid subscription on your channel, follow my guide. For those that think TL:DR, I’ll pop a short do and don’t thingy

-DON’T lock your content away behind a subscription!

-DO offer as a way to get rid of ads

-DON’T advertise your subscription services all the time

-DO mention it here and there, and try to say that it’s totally optional!

Thanks for reading!


Letting go of my timid ways on YouTube!

Hello one and all!

As you all know, I’ve been getting progressively better at confidence towards YouTube. It’s been a struggle, but today has been a huge success… Sort of.

After scrapping a 2 hour recording because I was simply too tired to be entertaining, I went to sleep. I woke up and stared at my computer screen. It was one of those days. Not planning ahead to record certain videos at certain times does this to a person. You literally browse your vast collection of games, and try and pick one suitable for recording. It’s bloody hard. I really need to plan my days every Sunday! Anyway, I ended up watching jacksepticeye for about 1 – 2 hours. Then it hit me. I then knew why I wasn’t being myself. I wasn’t allowing myself to be myself. Wow that helps explain thing, doesn’t it? Basically, I’m loud, jolly, and loads if fun off cam. But as soon as I turn that recorder on, I shy away into my shell again. Many people say I put loads of energy into my videos, and it is true, I do put my heart and soul into my videos… But it’s like I’m only letting part of my personality out.

Today though, oh ho ho! I unlocked about 85 percent if my personality. And boy was it fun. I’ve not had that much fun in a long time recording videos! Cutting those chains of fear and shyness away REALLY is fun! It makes creating videos more fun, hopefully it gives my community more fun, and maybe it will allow me to record better quality content.

I know I’m still not unlocking my full potential, but it’s been rough at some parts of my life. My confidence went to an all time low in 2013, and carried on mid 2014. Until then, I could barely get up in the morning. Everyone has a story, and I won’t bore you with mine.

Hopefully soon, I’ll open up fully on YouTube, and really go crazy with my videos. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but I could never manage to do it. Today was the first step towards full insanity.

Stay tuned!


YouTube Video Quality Upgrade!

Hey all!

Well, i’ve upgraded the quality from 8mb/s bitrate to 16mb/s bitrate! That’s right, DOUBLE! Hopefully, this will show on YouTube itself too! This should mean less pixelation on videos. If anyone noticed the change in The Forest (PART 4), then congrats! You have an eye for detail! And this upgrade (if effective) will be permanent! Hopefully you all nmotice the change, and things will seem a bit nicer over at the TBGC Channel!


My First BIG Step on YouTube!

Well everyone, I’ve done it!

I received my First Payment of for my YouTube Channel. It’s taken a lot of time, but I’m finally starting my make some real progress.

My channel ( ) started Nov 12, 2012 thanks to my Girlfriend believing that I can make another Channel, and believed that I could make it big on YouTube! This is my Second Channel on YouTube now! My last one, sadly, was targeted by trolls, and was banned for no reason at all. Didn’t even have my first strike yet, and it was instantly banned. Sounds like a hacker too me. But regardless, here we are in 2015, and ThatBritishGamerChap is making a name on the internet.

To say I’m chuffed is not even the word for it. Absolutely over the moon I cannot believe I’ve gotten this far! 🙂

Here’s to a great future in TBGC, and I hope that I can hit another Milestone with my channel in the near future!

Thanks to everyone who supports TBGC 🙂

Ta raa!

The Forest Playthrough has BEGAN!

The Forest is a survival game. Surrounded by mutants, cannibals, and some natural stuff to endure! My playthrough has started on YouTube! Be sure to bookmark the official playlist!

Join my Family on YouTube!

Hi There.

Some of you that are following my blog have most likely never heard of my YouTube channel.  This is merely a post to show you what i’m all about, and why joining in us such a brilliant idea!

Let’s start off with my first Montage Clip!

This clip shows some funny moments in my YouTube history. It’s a little old and dusty, but I still believe this shows perfectly of what I’m all about! A second Montage is in the works, so please bear with me until that arrives! ^_^

This next clip is Part 1 of the Minecraft Series I do with my Partner!

This series is based around the popular Modpack for Minecraft called Big Dig! Big Diggers is about surviving, building, expanding, adventuring, and just having fun!

This final clip is the start of a new series called Games That I Have Never Played!

This series is, as the name suggests, about games that I’ve never had an intention to play, interest in playing, or bought and never bothered installing! It’s a nice little idea that I’m hoping will become a big success!

Phew! Well, that was fun! Wouldn’t you like to see some more? If so, please consider Subscribing to me on YouTube. I’ve even got this nice link for you to click here! Don’t worry, it’ll open in a new tab! It would really help me out a lot to see more people on my YouTube channel. We have some trolls on out channel, but try to ignore them. The comment will be deleted ASAP 🙂

Well, that’s all for now! I hope to see you there!

Bye bye!


Hello there!

So it’s official! GTA V has a First Person mode that can be used anywhere in the game. Some reports suggest it will be available in GTA Online too! Imagine that!? A whole new experience! This has to be the best news we could have gotten for the re-release. I wasn’t sure whether I would bother getting it, but now, it’s a must have for me! Check out my reaction to the news on YouTube right Here

What are your opinions on the matter. Do you think this is a deal changer? Or is this just another pointless addition to you? Love it, or hate it, is love to discuss this further with you all!

Thanks for reading,
-AKA ThatBritishGamerChap